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A home health nurse can work with patient of any age group. They provide patient education, treatment, and emotional support to help these individuals recover from injuries and illnesses. The nurse requires a high level of skill to work in someone’s home.
It requires excellent rapport, understanding, and communication with the patients and their family members. A home health nurse does not work with a team as a part of his or her daily duties but rather as an individual working with the family as a team.
A home health nurse is also responsible for coordinating with doctors and other healthcare professionals in regards to their home health patients. They coordinate patient medications between the pharmacists and doctor to ensure that patients properly manage precise dosages.



Home Health Aide

A home health aide is a professional who helps elderly or disabled people who are living in their own homes instead of nursing homes or health care facilities. Home health aides also sometimes work with people who are recovering from illnesses, injuries, or surgeries. The key purpose of home health aides is to help people recover or live in a safe, healthy way in their own homes.
Home health aides, for example, will often help patients to get in and out of the bath, groom themselves, and dress. Home health aides may also prepare meals for patients.


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Liberty Healthcare Service, LLC. is a Home Health Agency that thrives to keep clients happy and safe in their homes. We provide trained Home Health Aides to help improve their everyday life and regain their independence. Skilled Nurses are also availabile to make visits to the clients home.

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